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Can include, short stories, essays, poetry and prose.
Must not exceed 3,000 words.
Must be written by a current ESA student, or alumni.
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Friday, 10 April 2015

Davrielle (Dove)

Its hard to eat
my pants keep falling down
my shirts have gotten baggier since the last time I checked
Im worn out and worn down
I worm out and worm around
I'm not warm like I used to be
Whats wrong with me, wheres my synchronicity
Why am I meloncoly
With all the blessings around me
what happened to optimism
time and time again it loosened the curses hold on my throat
the nooses
its a nuisance
how time and time again
you sit your keester down on my lap
expecting to hear me tell a story
my story has been told and its worn
the pages are frayed and yellowed
the bone marrow is seeping out of its spine
The book is dead ok?

And while your at it. TIe me down
First you feasted on my laughter
how you loved how the melody of it
peirced your ears and how you longed for that song
to come out of you and your own self worth
But it didn't and you hungered
and for anyone who listened who wanted to satiate the beast
Like a for sale sign, it's only going to be up for so long
Any takers?
I took. I took to you like a moth to the flame
I didn't know it but I was the flame, yet I got burnt
So tell me I'm crazy and making it up while you keep feasting
Eat, mange, absorb, consume 
First the laughter, then the crinkle in my eyes as I smile
Then the ring on my middle finger, symbolizing unity and perfection
Ravage, devastate the yearning in my heart when I realize he was just like me and I was just like him
Gnaw and corrode and shoot the poison straight into my veins 
like the heroine I crave for
Like the attention I give you
Like the monster you are

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