Submissions are accepted on a regular basis, year-round.
Can include, short stories, essays, poetry and prose.
Must not exceed 3,000 words.
Must be written by a current ESA student, or alumni.
Submissions are accepted:

Saturday, 6 February 2016

If Only by Daysha Loppie

do you ever think of me ? 
of what we could be
if we were born in the stars
where impossibility 
is no longer such
and reality is a dream
and luck?
luck is no longer magic
where there are no laws or
restrictions on our hearts
or our thoughts
which become what we choose
no longer confused
or influenced by media
we would no longer abuse
our earth 
we have forgotten
that it may be our home
but it is not our own 
or under our control
we would look down at it and realize
we are tiny
we are alone and
there is more beyond the screens
of our phones 
there is so much more to take care of
other than our flesh and bones
like our souls
our energy our spirituality
we must make sure our insides
shine gold and we must see
with what is between our brows
and we must touch
with our fingertips one another
spread love and be free 
if only
we could elevate

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