Submissions are accepted on a regular basis, year-round.
Can include, short stories, essays, poetry and prose.
Must not exceed 3,000 words.
Must be written by a current ESA student, or alumni.
Submissions are accepted:

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Father by Anonymous

I remember it,
I remember it as love,
enriched and nothing but.

I remember you as pain,
as misunderstanding,

I remember you, father
I think of you,
wonder where you are

I picture you as a child would
as only I would
in a cabin in a wood

you are stolen away,
pots and pans, chemicals and potions
line your shelves

green liquid feeds into burning coals
you take something from an old box,
shimmering, my baby blonde hairs lie in your hand

shivering, burning, crackling upon the coals
stolen when I was a child
you are a bride needing something something blue

Please do not take my eyes

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