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Can include, short stories, essays, poetry and prose.
Must not exceed 3,000 words.
Must be written by a current ESA student, or alumni.
Submissions are accepted:

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Sense of Direction
Sophie Currie

Life is but a series of roads
A maze of dead ends
And paths overgrown
People who search
For yellow brick stone
Skip skipping blindly
To make-believe homes

But who’s to say
There’s a way out
With no end in sight
It’s easy to doubt
A sense of direction
One must go without
Feeling the fractures
From where mosses sprout

Following footsteps
Like feet in the sand
But when the tides come
The road meets an end
On dark boulevards
Reflected light bends
Mistaking mirages
For shadows of friends

Maybe it is the mystery
That traps lonely hearts
And trips the carefree
But sooner or later
The fog leaves the streets
Life is not a destination
But a journey

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