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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Yesterday by Olivia Mokryzcki

Pale eye or deep brown or red eye or no eye.
To see what we're supposed to see.
People were wandering, loving and dancing, singing, crying, holding each other, feeding each other,
Like individual Suns, heating the earth
Yesterday I noticed neon signs above their heads
So bright you'd see them before you knew who they were mounted upon
Yesterday people stopped sleeping
Body's would chat all night
On their stomachs with their shaky arms propping up their giant heads
Rolling eyes to the beat of chattering teeth overtop their heavy comments
And in the mornings new signs were placed on top of the old
Till kind bodies were weighed down by a foreign sticky spit of names

Yesterday mirrored surfaces were placed all over the city
For bodies to watch their bulging eyes and cheeks and spotted chins and pig noses. All things on bulky heads with shrivelled brains, unprofessional, unkept, old, young, unintelligent, irrelevant, inexperienced, unsuitable hulking heads on too thin and boney, wrinkly, stretchy or swollen and broad bodies. All things to compare and contrast in bathroom mirrors and even the backs of spoons at dinner tables.
Yesterday they all became the same.
With dragging sickness
Drugged, giving into an impractical image
Hoping to spark out their neon signs
Hoping to be the right body
To fit the wrong earth
I see bodies made to move in different skins
Fighting with themselves
Against their marks and guts

They’d love to be left alone
In tranquil space
To make their own
To each a face
To each a thought
A body

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