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Can include, short stories, essays, poetry and prose.
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Saturday, 5 May 2018

love poem/2

love poem/2

Did you hear?
Can you feel it?
I can’t hear you,
I’m sorry.
I love you!
I truly cannot hear you;
There is smog coming through my bronchioles and filling my lungs,
Chaos floods my ears.
Fires burn in my arteries.
My heart is being pumped dry of my sustenance, the oxides overwhelm the oxygen.
My capillaries are exhausted.
My legs will not stop shaking with the weight of the atmosphere.
Skin marred, my hands are unknown even to me.
There is dull constant pain throughout my frame,
But I will still hold you though.
What did you say?
When you fall, I’ll still hold you.
When your limbs are trembling, I’ll still hold you.
When you smile, I’ll cherish you.
I will always carry you home.

-Michaela Yarmol-Matusiak

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